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Alesandra Seutin in Dear Winnie by Jr.cE.sA.r, KVS & NNT

Alesandra will be choreographing and performing in the new theatre production Dear Winnie. Touring extensively in Holland & Belgium from December until March 2020. Booking & Info:

What’s it like to be a woman, an activist, and black? When do you rebel and seize your rightful place? In Dear Winnie, stories by nine actresses, singers and performers with African roots (from among others South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Suriname and the Caribbean islands) are interwoven with that of Winnie Mandela, activist against the Dutch apartheid regime. Stories about shared history, connected to those of the Netherlands, filled with power, ruthless honesty and the seeds of inspiration and hope.

Nine voices, nine bodies, in a a set of self-created musical instruments, truthful stories and infectious energy. Power up!

Photos by Martijn Halie

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