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Acogny Technique Online

In the midst of our current situation, when millions of us around the world are isolated from each other, we invite you to experience Acogny classes and connect as a community, in the comfort of your own home or space. As always with Acogny, we will listen to our body, we will touch it, we will connect with it and we will find joy in the movement!

We offer 1 Acogny class daily, 7 days a week. Classes are open to anyone, from anywhere in the world. At this time, classes will be given by Germaine Acogny and Acogny Teachers in Senegal, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Germany and US.

The classes are given on a simple online platform, Zoom.

Zoom is accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. Please note that you must register in ADVANCE for the course.

*Download the free app for easy access. 

Classes are donation based, give what you can, if you can. 

Suggested donation is 5€ per class. All donations go directly to Ecole des Sables and Acogny teachers. 

Donate and Register here:


Acogny is a dance practice and philosophy based on West African and Western dances. 

This practice mainly focuses on embodiment, connection, the collective movement and on respecting the potential and natural strength of each body through rhythm and movement.

We also focus on the spine mobility and most movements are based on three elements: undulation, contraction, vibration/tremulation, inspired by nature, plants or animals but also by elements of everyday African life. All of this producing a very pure, powerful and elegant style.

Learn more about Acogny Technique & Ecole des Sables here:


In order to stay connected with our body, mind and endurance during this difficult period, L’Ecole des Sables in Senegal has decided to share Acogny technique lessons online and live.

Until now, the Acogny technique classes were not at all designed to be experienced individually but to be experienced collectively to bring out unity, authenticity; to dance and act for, by and in a common space.

Because of these extenuating circumstances and in the spirit of an ongoing movement, we are temporarily sharing these online classes in a shorter format and with the different elements of a core class.

These classes will be taught by Germaine Acogny (Master class) and by teachers trained by Germaine Acogny at Ecole des Sables.


Many of our Acogny teachers around the world are independent freelancers, unable to secure work in these challenging times. Most/all of our engagements have been cancelled until further notice due to social distancing restrictions and precautions. 

Please give as generously as you can.  All donations go directly to Ecole des Sables and Acogny teachers in Senegal, Europe and US to help them through this moment of uncertainty.

We understand many of us are experiencing a deep financial shift due to the situation so pay what you can, if you can!


We have time and energy to share our movements, move, sweat and connect with you everywhere in the world. 

Movement is life and it will bring you joy however you are feeling today at home.

Join us in our Acogny online classes, share the news with your family and friends so we can have great times together.

We have a team of Acogny teachers who will teach in rotation throughout the week, including a Master class with Germaine Acogny, the founder of Ecole des Sables and Acogny technique.


Acogny classes, live streamed once a day, 7 days a week.

Classes are entirely donation based and open to anyone.

Acogny 11 :00 A.M. (Central European Time)

What time in the world: 9:00 AM (Dakar), 10:00 AM (UK), 12:00 PM (Tel Aviv), 6:00 PM (Seoul & Tokyo), 7:00 PM (Sydney) …

Acogny 6 :00P.M. (Central European Time)

What time in the world? 9:00 AM (LA), 12:00 PM (NY), 1:00 PM (Rio), 6:00 PM (Johannesburg)...


We will greatly appreciate whatever you can give, if you can, to encourage us during this period.   

Our suggested donation is 5€ per class. We will be more than grateful to receive even higher donations if you can afford it. By donating to this page, you are supporting Ecole des Sables and Acogny teachers in Senegal, Belgium, Spain, Holland & Germany.

To sign up for any of the classes- scroll down to ‘Updates'

Thank you for joining us! Looking forward to letting our suns shine with you



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